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Global Maxis is a broker that provides its services to people from all over the world. The site has contact information, including a phone number, email address, and company address. To start trading in the Global Maxis, you need to go through a short and simple registration. Global Maxis

Global Maxis promises profitable trading and quick withdrawal of money to the card. Clients are also offered favorable and comfortable conditions for transactions. There are many good reviews about Global Maxis, which gives more confidence in the broker!

Global Maxis customers receive a number of additional benefits - promotions, bonuses, trading signals, as well as free consultation on all issues. In the tab "Licenses" you can find all the documents of interest, they are freely available! Global Maxis

The ability to withdraw money from GlobalMaxis has been confirmed.



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#35 Frank 08.02.2021 15:44
I have been working with them for the 3rd month, so far there are no problems. The main thing is that the withdrawal of funds works for them, with a delay of 3 days, but it works!
#34 Edmund 02.02.2021 15:52
I am delighted. The platform is very pleasing. I trade on the signals of the mentor, while a little profit, but already something
#33 Aiden 28.01.2021 14:07
The best broker with the best quotes. It's been a year with them.
#32 Jonathan 26.01.2021 12:19
A good company, money is paid out without problems, the trading terminal works perfectly, spreads are slightly below average. Feel free to register and trade. By the way, the company holds promotions and contests.
#31 Brandon 21.01.2021 14:01
I agree with many reviews that there is there is nothing more to add I think the picture is quite clear. It is clear that situations are different, someone has a positive impression, someone has a negative experience, but it seems to me that a lot depends on the trader himself, and money can be lost with the most honest broker, that's not the point.
#30 Ignacy 21.01.2021 14:00
Global Maxis to uczciwa firma. Jeśli nie wiesz, jak handlować, obwiniaj siebie. Handluję tutaj od 2 lat i mam się dobrze
#29 Austin 19.01.2021 11:48
This is not the first year I've been trading here, execution and withdrawal are no complaints. Everything was withdrawn without problems. I really like that they do not limit the style of trading at least on the point of fixing.
#28 Jacob 14.01.2021 10:04
I remain in a positive mood from the services of this broker after 6 months of working with him. The main thing is that money is withdrawn without delay, everything is as according to the regulations. The main thing for a trader is not to put a spoke in the wheel. Recommend.
#27 Lily 12.01.2021 09:36
The other day, for the first time, I withdrawn money from Global maxis, I started with a $ 2000 deposit. In two months they filled me with almost $ 3000, I ordered everything for withdrawal. I will not hide I was worried, there were doubts whether they would withdraw or not. The amount is small, but not small either. To my great joy the money was withdrawn every cent. Thank you!
#26 JACK 04.01.2021 11:27
I recently opened an account and this broker has some pretty impressive spreads. Deposits and withdrawals are fast. The broker is still expanding, but I think this is the broker I can trust.

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